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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 20, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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pope francis gets a huge welcome when he touches down in cuba. we'll show you what's in store for the pope. plus the long walk to safety. we join a group of migrants making the difficult trek to a new life in austria. greeks go to the polls to choose a new government yet again. we'll show you what's at stake. hello. welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm lynda kinkade. and this is cnn newsroom.
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in just a few hours, pope francis will lead a mass in havana's revolution square. on saturday, the pope had a strong message for its people and the government. open up to the world and give people the freedom and space to practice religion. the cuban capital is the first stop on the pope's ten-day visit to cuba which he will then be followed by the u.s. diplomatic ties restored between the nations and he he's urging them to stay on that course. >> i urge political leaders to persevere on this path. and to develop all its potentialities as proof of high service which they are called to carry out on behalf of the peace and the well-being of the people
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of all america. and as an example of reconciliation for the entire world. >> the pope will be in havana until tuesday. after that. he'll head to the u.s. where he'll visit washington, new york and philadelphia. >> delia is here with more. what are some of the messages the pope will make in cuba? >> reporter: lynda, the messages of pope francis for cuba, he lid out in this talk right away at the airport as soon as he arrived. first one being religious freedom for the catholic church in particular. asked that they have the space and means to continue their work in cuba. that's a big point for the vatican and pope francis. he also made reference to democratic freedoms for the cuban people, saying that he would pray for the cuban people and the cuban nation this they continue along the path of justice, liberty and
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reconciliation. and the third point the pope made in his talk yesterday which is another big point for the vatican is the reopening of u.s./cuban relations and what's interesting is the pope used a kind of subtle phrase when he referred to those relationships. and he said, you know, this needs to continue, the dialog needs to continue for the well-being of all peoples of all america. that means not just peoples of united states and cuba, but the two combined. the pope reminding americans and cubans that they are neighbors and indeed are part of one family. they're part of the american continent. he's putting them both in the so many boat, as it were, and saying all of america. reminding them each of their responsibility towards one another. lynda. >> a request of wi-fi where it's been disconnected. it's going to meet with some youth today. what's the plan? >> reporter: today he has a busy day and it's going to be a good
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day for the pope and for the cuban people because it's a day when he can meet directly with them. you mentioned he'll be meeting with some of the youth this evening and of course one of the big things for young people nowadays is wi-fi and the access to that. some discussions have been going on since summer with cuba to allow access to wi-fi not just for youth, but for catholic church officials and youth and to communicate with the outside world. when the pope says let the world be open to cuba and vice versa, that's one of the ways you can do that. in addition, he'll hold a big mass outside in the revolution square. that will be an opportunity for the pope to speak directly to the cuban people. after that, he will have his official meeting with president raul castro and with other members of the cuban government. today is a big day for the pope to speak directly to the cuban people. >> is it likely that they'll
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meet be mi dell castro? >> the vatican says that is a possibility. yesterday the first greeting he gave after greeting raul castro was to ask him to pass on his sentiments of deep respect for fidel castro. it is likely that a meeting will happen. if it does happen, it might happen today when the pope meets with raul castro and the other government officials. >> we'll be watching that closely. delia gallagher, as always, thank you very much. raul castro said he is considering becoming a catholic. cnn's is the only journalist based in cuba. he has more on the statement that spurred the speculation about the future of religion in cuba. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a photo-op. the pope meets the president much cuba. then raul castro went off script, way off script.
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>> if the pope continues talking like this, he says, i may go back to the church and start praying again. i am not joking. it could have been castro's way of thanking the pope for playing a crucial role in restoring u.s./cuban relations. if castro is thinking of returning to the foldt could be quite a turn around. for three decades, his revolution all but banned religion. his comments weren't a big surprise to the cardinal, ortega who are told cnn in his office, the cuban leader that is a statue of a version of the virgin mary that looks similar to this. he was supposed to give it to pope benedict but he changed his mind. many people who visited his office told him it was really nice the cardinal says and that he should leave it there and have another one made for the pope. that's what happened. he gave another one to the pope when he came. that one stayed in his office. during his trip to cuba, the pope and raul castro will be
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seeing a lot of each other. >> we're in revolution square where the pope will deliver his first mass in cuba. raul castro will not only be at a mass in havana, he'll be at all three of the masses the pope gives while he's in cuba. many people say it's beyond a symbol of respect that is actually a sign of the friendship that's been developed between the two different men. >> francis biographer says changing the u.s./cuban relationship is a crucial part of the pope's foreign policy and future legacy. >> i think he's coming here because this is part of the process which began with the restoration of those diplomatic ties. i think he's coming to build bridges, heal wounds. the fact that he's coming from cuba to the united states is highly significant. >> the scene between miami and ha van --
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>> church leaders say there's no sign of raul castro has turned to religion. but pope francis wants to build bridges and heal old wounds in cuba and perhaps in the unlikeliest of places, in people, restore some faith. patrick ottoman, cnn, havana. stillive coverage of the pope's visit to cuba. we'll have special programming leading up to and including the mass in revolution square. that begins at 7:00 p.m. in tokyo, only right here on cnn. turning now to europe where hundreds more of refugees and migrants arrived in austria after walking through the night on the final leg of their trip to hungary. hung yar an authorities dropped this group off after a very long train ride. over 700 have arrived since friday night. volunteers are on hand to give them food, water and other aid.
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germany is of course the final destination for most my rant. the country expects they will receive as many as one million asylum applications by the end of the year. national correspondent ben wedeman walked with a migrant in dead of night to the border. he says it's not clear what's next for the hundreds of tired, desperate people? >> they arrived at the train station dazed and confused in the dead of night. they didn't know where they were or where they were going. >> you're on the border with austria, i explained. to get there you have to walk four kilometers. >> the train had taken this group of several hundred refugees and migrants from the croatian border through hungary directly to here at germany. no formality and few amenities along the way. on this last stretch out of hungary and into austria, a
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country that's welcomed refugees, neither exhaustion nor injury could hold them back. >> oh, my gosh. >> the palestinian refugee from aleppo, syria, had sent her children ahead with relatives to munich in germany. >> every step i take gives me joy, she tells me. because i'm getting closer to them. i miss them so much. >> son amir in his arms, finally sees light at the end of a long tunnel stretching back to his homeland in ruins. >> translator: i feel relieved he says even though the grueling trip has left him pennilespenni. despite what we've been through he says, i'm happy because we made it. as a last gesture before they stepped out of hungary, local aid groups weighed them down
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with refreshments. after days, indeed weeks of frustration, false starts and closed borders, some good fortune and good food was abundant. >> these are the lucky ones who have reached the promised land. they've arrived in austrian territory. there's no guarantee that life is going to be easy. in fact, it's probably going to be difficult. at least their journey is almost over. ben wedeman, on the austrian hung area border. >> the migrants in the story there, likely risk a journey to get where they are now. on saturday, more than 4,000 migrants progressed in the mediterranean. 20 separate operations. the international organization for migration estimate that half a million people arrived in europe. the eu remains split over where the migrants should go. earlier i spoke to the senior
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speaks man for the international organization for migration about that. >> europe for the last two years is a lot of finger pointing, why isn't greece doing more and, why rpt they doing more. it's the first country they come to. practically speaking, they belong with their families that are often in other parts of europe. it's the best for everybody. their families can take them in and provide employment and income and it takes the burden off the governments of all those countries. the argument that they should have stayed in italy and greece, nobody can accept that anymore. so that finger pointing stage is coming to an end. >> thousands of migrants and refugees arrive in germany speaking a new life, millions of people are descending on munich for octoberfest. officials are worried about the arrival. octoberfest officially begins with a hammer to the first beer
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barrel and the mayor of munich hoists his first mug with a smile. this is munich's main event every year. 6 million visitors drinking more than 7 million lit terse of beer. spending upwards of more than a billion dollars. this year, the throngs of people in traditional dress are arriving in munich alongside a very different kind of visitor. refugees. >> these people, they come from war and if you come here to -- another world. >> considering the refugees coming in, i already said this to my friends, i do have mixed feelings about this. >> the train station is the main gateway to munich for tourists and refugees alike. for those coming for okt fest. it's about a 15 minutes walk that way to the beer tent. the medical tents are where they would be registered and screened. the number of refugees has dropped dramatically.
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since the beginning of september, munich has taken in thousands seeking asylum. one day alone brought in 16,000 refugees. border controls and refugees, on the trains diverted to other cities has reduced the intake to a few hundred a day. perhaps not coincidentally, just in time for octoberfest. local officials had planed that munich was reaching its limit and openly worried over the auditing of largely refugees and encountering drugs and crowds. a few on saturday were worried. >> it was a little overwhelming. it was a little much. but i think it's okay. worked. relatively well, these australian tourists rode alongside refugees on the train from budapest. >> it's pretty full on. i still think it's a good think that germany is taking in so many refugees.
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they've taken a step forward and other countries need to step up. >> munich has arrived all new arrivals so far. while the okt fest tourists are here for a few nights of fun and beer, the thousands of refugees who have arrived say they want to stay. cnn, munich. if you would like to find out how to help the migrants, go to you'll find a list of aid works who were doing everything they can to help the migrants. up next on newsroom, historic changes to japan's military policy in surviving the nation and making the neighbors very nervous. we'll have a report from our correspondent in north korea. also this year's rugby team at the u.s. world kuchlt
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binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. . welcome back. japan's reinterpretation of the pass vis constitution is set to take effect in six months. it louse the military to fight in conflicts overseas but only in limited circumstances. it's a decision-making regional neighbors are wary. will ripley is covering the story for us from pyongyang. >> reporter: here in north korea a strong response to that japanese defense legislation. for the first time since world
2:19 am
war ii allowing japanese troops to fight overseas in combat roles under certain conditions. in tokyo, it's called collective self-defense. here they're calling it evil. listen to this statement. japan's militarist moves are posing a great threat to peace and stability in asia and the rest of the world. that outlet also goes on to report that this situation proves that north korea is justified in bolstering and growing its military capability. now, all of this is coming as noork had just weeks away from a major anniversary celebration. they're already trying to flex their military muscles to show how strong and powerful they are. you can expect to see more rhetoric in the no, ma'aming being week. north korea expected to launch a satellite into orbit they say to showcase their space technology. others say it's a clear
2:20 am
indication of how far this country has come in terms of developing a long-range missile, potentially capable of tearing apart a nuclear warhead which they say they have in its arsenal. japan once occupied the career an peninsula. that memory is very much alive and the reason why they must continue to invest so heavy in their military capabilities to counter a serious threat from the united states and this region, including what they feel say stronger threat from japan. will ripley, pong yong, north korea. an upset at the rugby world cup has japanese fans celebrating in south african fans seeing red. japan's team is ranked 13th in the world and south africa ranked 3rd at least until it pulled off that win in saturday's match. this is japan's first win at the rugby world cup since 1991. my colleague spoke to cnn's patrick snow about the surprise
2:21 am
victory. >> what happened? they weren't supposed to be playing in this kind of league and they won? >> jonathan, they've won once in the entire history. what a moment for jach niece rugby. what a desperately poor moment for south african rugby. losing 34 to 32. going over dramatically to shatter the box. we feel like the images breed ever so slightly. the emotions of this victory to players and fans alike. quite incredible. south africa never even before lost their opening game of the tournament. >> they just can't believe what's going on. we've condensed it. in every tournament since 1987. this is only their second world cup win in team history. the last one coming in 1991, would you believe that, almost
2:22 am
forter of a century. what excitement now for the spouses of the game as well. this is a foundation that will host the tournament in 2019. you know what, jonathan, it was absolutely deserved. they went for it, didn't hold back. the victory by two points. now south africa has to pick up the pieces. >> what happened to the box? >> they fell short. the harshest critic will say guilty of understatementing the pope ents. they've been on a downward spiral. south african rugby does need a big pick me autopsy of this. this is a core group for them. pls length i of time to get their act together. this is a huge call for them, jonathan. this is japan's moment. let them enjoy it. it is really exciting for japanese rugby. they can build on this. >> patrick snell.
2:23 am
thanks very much. off to the southwestern united states facing another threat of flooding. derek van dam joins us now with the weather. you must be pretty upset about south africa losing. >> that was a tough one to swallow. i spent seven of my last in south africa. i fell in love with the sport of rugby. i mean, it's a phenomenal sport. you can't not fall in love with rugby when you live in a country like that. to see them lose, that's tough. some of my friends, i feel for you guys. the facebook posts, they've been wild for the past couple of hours. lynda, we've been talking about the flooding that is impacting the southwestern united states this week. it was a tough week, particularly near the border of utah and arizona. we have the possibility of more flash flooding once again. you're seeing some of the images right now out of hilldale, utah. that's again right on the border of arizona and utah. dramatic scenes. look how fast that water is rushing. this is called flash flooding.
2:24 am
flooding in general is just when water slowly comes up and inundates your household. this is flash flooding that happens abruptly and it happens very quickly and often without notice. that is why it's so dangerous for anyone in their path to -- because it can travel upward of 40, 50 miles per hour. what about basically anything in its pat. i want to get you positioned. mexico to the south, united states to the north. we've got arizona, california, utah. there's the baja peninsula. that bright shading of orange and red and purple, those are the top two thunderstorms, paula. they're going to be responsible for the moisture that's eventually going to overspread the southwestern united states. if you recall, we've been discussing this four-year drought that's ongoing over the western u.s. that means that the ground is extremely hard. any time we get rain falling at a rate of 1 inch per hour, we
2:25 am
see that water pool up on the hard surface from the drought and water culminates into the rivers and canyons and causes flash flooding just like we saw in utah earlier this week. that unfortunately, led to 20 fatalities in use at that and arizona. low pressure system moves into southern california. it will bring much-needed ryne fall but a little too much too quickly. heavy rain, especially east of the low pressure system. again, this is the destructive power of flash flooding taking anything in its path. but just to put it in perspective for you, we have these slow moving thunderstorms across the canyons of utah and arizona. that water cools up so quickly. going down the canyon's walls and the little extra rivers, they're eventually moving into one nient ball of water and leads to scary scenes in this part of the world. this is a regular occurrence.
2:26 am
frtly, the people need to heed the warnings. turn around, don't drown. don't plan to travel across a flooded roadway. you know how deep it can usually be. >> thanks, lynda. a new look at an animated flier of the planet was crow ieted from a mosaic of hundreds of people. one of the two highlighted is the jagged mountain range envelopely called -- name after nepalese mount ear to climb mt. evere everest. seeking a new government. ahead a report from athens. plus, they were taken by isis to be sex slaves. but now that they are free, easily pete i are using photography to repair their shattered lives. their story is just ahead. we stop arthritis pain,
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hello i'm lip da kinkade. an update of the top stories. pope francis will lead mass in cuba's capital in revolution square. it's the first stop of his ten-day visit. the vatican spokesperson said he will might meet with fidel castro later today. hundreds more migrants have reached austria. they were dropped off at a hungarian train station and walked four kilometers, about 2 1/2 miles to the austrian border
2:31 am
overnight. greeks are going to the polls right now for a new government. the fifth one in six years. the ongoing economic reforms. former prime minister alexis tsipras hopes to win back his former post. his main opponent is fran jellies may mo rack os. for more on this, we're going to talk about this. linda, this is the third election in greece this year. there's a lot of stake. tell us about it. >> reporter: well, it is. there is a lot at stake as you said. now we're looking at who can really lead greece out of the financial crisis it's been in for such a long time. we're looking at a very different situation like in january at the -- made it self-clear that was very against the terms of the then bailout. wanted to get greece out of this bailouts and wanted to lead a
2:32 am
very different policies for greece. the greek banks are closed, after -- we're looking at a different -- the two parties we have in this election are in some ways not so different anymore. we're looking at twohat are willing to implement the bailout that was signed this summer and the question really is, who is better qualified to do it. also, because of all the turmoil and after the difficulties we've seen in greece, neither one of these would be able to actually form a government straight ou. we're almost certainly looking at a coalition. how strong it will be, what the consistency will be is really what's going to term what comes next for greece, lynda. >> ee lynn a, alexis tsipras won the last election. his promises to end the really
2:33 am
tough austerity measures. he wasn't able to do that. have people lost faith in him? >> it seems like a large number of the people have lost large defense to -- certainly a drop for tsipras and the party. what we have seen is a referendum, that effectively got more than 60%. he's likely to get about half of that in the election. so it seems it really need mesh e. measures. the impacts on the real economy of what happened. what's happened at banks, closed. having the capital controls and not an indication of where greece is heading. greece more than anything else wants stability and maybe not so many of them are really sure that he's the man who can deliver that. >> they want stability but nor
2:34 am
pan i will get a strong majority and likely to be a coalition government. what will that mean for the country going forward? >> it will largely depend on what this coalition government will bring. if and many greeks have also supported the idea of the brand coalition, meaning that they feel this is a matter of national importance. that they really want to see their politicians come together and work things out. the times ahead are extremely tough. we have assessments, creditors coming up. if it's going to receive more money in the third bailout. now the refugee crisis that -- huge issues at stake. they want a coalition that will really address the issue and bring greek politicians together, so resolutions can be found, lynda. >> thank you. we preerkt your analysis.
2:35 am
greece's political instability, the economic trouble has been hard on the country's young people. as one voice from the lost generation, a young woman who may be forced to leave her home country. >> my name is -- i'm 27 years old. i'm still saying with my parents in the suburbs. and what i have done through my studies is sociology, my first degree and then i continued with my masters in criminology and criminal justice. even though i knew that there's a -- due to the economic crisis, i have decided to return back
2:36 am
from greece and see my options here. and but i'm still unemployed person until now. mostly i have my volunteer work and in the meanwhile, i try to find a job, a permanent job. i didn't want to be in protective aid. so i return for my masters degree here in greece and i wanted to do something to help other greek people. i just want to work over from our problems and leave all the economical issues behind and see the economy try it again.
2:37 am
>> kremlin critic will be leading an officially sanctioned opposition rally. he was found guilty of fraud late last year in a politically charged trial. about 10,000 people are expected to attend the rally being held outside moscow. elsewhere russia is escalating its military presence in syria with the arrival of advanced fighter jets. a u.s. official tells cnn that the jets are known as flankers like the ones you see here. the addition of the russian combat jet raises fears of an accidental encounter with u.s. and coalition aircraft as they fly over syria to hit isis targets. john kerry says russia's support of russian president bashar al assad remains a problem. >> would we welcome russian help in going against isil? obviously.
2:38 am
we talked about it for some period of time. that's always been one of the things we've talked about as an effective way to help resolve the problems there. the other part of the equation is assad and how you resolve the fact that he is a magnet for foreign fighters who come to the region, which is in the end isis. on friday, the u.s. and russian defense ministers had a lengthy conversations with russia's new deployment in syria. many young iraqi women and girls have been vic tils of the conflict with isis. many were kidnapped when isis overran their home lands and turned them into sex slaves for the terrorists. women who have been rescued are trying to take back their lives through a unicef photography project. here's the story. >> my name is tina. >> hello. i am a -- >> hello.
2:39 am
my name is -- [ inaudible ] >> these are just a small group of girls who escaped from sin jar last august when isis brutally encroached upon their homes, killing and capturing many. >> they now heal through photography at a camp for displaced yazidis. this project run by unicef helps to empower girls to tell their own stories through photos. >> i'm 19 years old. this picture is my picture. i took this in a course. this woman was working as a tailor. she doesn't get -- >> some of the girls were captured and abused by isis and have found a way to rebuild their lives. many hundreds didn't have the same chance. this video circulated online
2:40 am
shows isis fighters telling captured yazidi women. but for those who escaped, it is a chance to rebuild and to heal. >> translator: despite this, there are sacred yazidi graves that people visit. i took this pursuit of an old yazidi woman living there. i took this photo because it shows her sad facial expressions. >> we've heard stories of great sadness but there are stories of incredible resilience and empowerment. these young man are telling their stories through their own pictures and words. >> this photo is my favorite. there is fatigue in her face. her face expressed -- i chose to take this photo because she was wearing traditional i canyazidi
2:41 am
clothes. so i decided to take a picture of her. >> in a camp where residents are nearly half of children. there are stories replete of stories with loss. hundreds of girls and women are still missing. held by isis as sex slaves. the exact number is hard to determine. for now, life throughout lens captures tales of tragedy and hope. >> hi, i'm a photojournalist. >> hi, i'm a photojournalist. >> hi i am a photojournalist. >> cnn, in kurdistan. still to come, donald trump is responding to his critics. we'll bring you his reaction to the ongoing muslim controversy. plus, the book is closed on a
2:42 am
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u.s. republican candidates is spending the weekend wooing voters. rand paul is among the candidates who spent time at the michigan republican media conference. out of 16 candidates, fiorina in second. jeb bush had the most fun on saturday. he spent the day at the state of georgia's flagship university. tailgating with students before a football game. the university of georgia students warned bush who spent
2:46 am
nearly an hour taking selfies with them. he joked just get them on facebook and tweet them. georgia beat rival south carolina 62-20. good on him. donald trump is responding to questions on his comments to muslims. the u.s. republican presidential front run tells cnn, i love the muslims, i think they're great people. trump made the comment after a question and answer session with iowa high school students on saturday. >> i consider muslim americans to be an important asset to our country and society. would you consider putting one in your cabinet or on your ticket? >> you consider what? >> a muslim american on your cabinet or ticket. >> muslim? >> uh-huh. >> absolutely. no problem with it. would i consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> trump has been defending himself and correcting a
2:47 am
supporter who made controversial remarks about the u.s. president. andrew spencer has the story. >> donald trump responds to the most recent controversy on twitter. writing this is the first time in my life that i have caused controversy by not saying something. referring to this question at an event in new hampshire on thursday. >> problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. >> that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we'll be looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> following days of backlash, trump took to twitter on saturday when he wrote, am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. ted cruz suggested this is just a controversy stirred up by the media. >> what i think the american people are interested in is not
2:48 am
the food fight that reporters are trying to stirrup. let's talk about how we stop radical islamic terrorism. >> democratic candidates responded in much stronger terms. >> his latest outrage, the way he handled the question about president obama was shocking. but not surprising. he's been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> led by that racist, anti-immigrant carnival barker, donald trump. >> trump says the voters question put him in a no-win situation. he defended himself by tweeting if somebody made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? no chance. >> i will be the greatest -- >> andrew spencer reporting. best selling novelist jackie collins has passed away. the publicist says she died of breast cancer.
2:49 am
she was diagnosed 6 1/2 years ago at stage 4 and kept it largely private. collins is best known for her scintillating tales of hollywood royalty and the super wealthy. her family says she was a trailblazer for women in fiction, something she talked about on cnn four years ago. >> women have to look after themselves. they have to have a career, they have to have a passion in life and they cannot live their lives just through a man. that's so important. my message is girls can do anything. i fell from school at 15 and i've achieved all this by myself. i think that's a good message to women. >> she certainly had a lot of achievements. she has 30 books on "the new york times" best seller list. jackie collins was 77 years old. you're watching cnn newsroom. we'll be right back. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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didby aggravated nerves?sed new aspercreme® with lidocaine desensitizes aggravated nerves with no odor. new aspercreme® with lidocaine. relieve the nerves. stop the pain. welcome back. well, the stars of sitcom modern family will be hoping to make history in hollywood by taking home another emmy for best comedy. if they do, it will be number 6 on their mantelpiece.
2:54 am
game of thrones leads all nomination with 24. madmen is up for best drama. just wrapped up its final season. if it wins, that would make it its fifth win. leading man, john hamm has been nominated eight times but never won. hopefully it will be his year. andy samberg hosts the show. you can track all the events on he may be your bess friend but would your dog be there when you need him most? some dog owners wanting to test their pup's loyalty have been recording themselves pretending to faint. as jeanne moos found out, some were a disappointment. >> how would your dog react if you fainted? japanese pet owners hosted their experiments online. the results had many owners feeling abandoned. human, what human? every once in a while, a dog would give a glance back but
2:55 am
they tended to keep going and going and going. thanks for all those walks, catch ya later. >> sure, there were a couple of good dogs who lived up to that man's best friend stuff. on the other hand, there was the one that used its master's fall to escape. whatever happened to good old lassie when timmy fainted? lassie, not only pulled him out of the water, she went running for help. >> where's timmy? >> closest thing to lassie in the japanese videos was a bird that refused to leave its owner. dog defenders argued that canines are too smart to fool. they can smell your vital signs. the animal behavior expert agrees. >> it's been proven facts that the dog can smell and connect with the person when there really in dire need. if you're playing games, they're
2:56 am
going okay, this is not what's really happening so they walk away. >> tell that to cnn makeup artist when yoko fake fainted. lance seemed blissfully unaware as he paraded off to munch grass in central park. leaving his mistress to contemplate being abandoned. >> were you disappointed in him at first? >> yes. hey, they can't all be lassie. >> lassie wouldn't leave. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> good old lassie. so reliable. that does it for this edition of cnn newsroom. i'm lynda kinkade. thanks for joining me. our special coverage of the pope's visit to cuba begins in just a few minutes. stay with us.
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♪ new this morning. in just three hours, pope francis celebrates mass in cuba for hundreds of thousands. the biggest event of his trip to cuba. a trip which also includes the u.s. in just a few days. and maybe trump like you've never seen him before. personal bible in hand. he responds to backlash after brushing off a supporter who claimed president obama was muslim. >> do you personally think that muslims pose a danger to this country? i i love the muslims.


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